4 Behaviors in sex life that are red flags

4 Behaviors in sex life that are red flags

4 Behaviors in a sex life that are red flags

The 4 behaviors in a sex life that are huge red flags and you should pay attention to them!

Mutual respect is perhaps the most basic characteristic of a healthy and functional relationship. The problem is that some behaviors seem normal to you and you do not give them the necessary importance.

Apart from the obvious abuse, there are other, less obvious, abusive behaviors that appear from the beginning of the relationship, but for some reason, we have normalized. Let’s see what they are and why they are considered red flags.

Avoids any serious discussion

He either avoids it or decides to cut it without asking you. Whatever he finds difficult or dislikes, he simply chooses to ignore it. If he does it to take his time and think about it, it’s OK. Otherwise, it is a huge red flag in a relationship.

Bad timing in serious matters

Not all hours are the same and we all know that. It is difficult to analyze serious and sensitive issues when we are corpses from work or experiencing intense stress. The two partners must respect each other and choose a time when they will both be in a phase to discuss. If your partner chooses only the bad times, it means that he does not respect you.

Shares what you have entrusted to him

Here is a thin line that is easy to cross. If you have a problem with your partner, it makes sense to want to discuss it with good friends or people you trust. But here we are talking about cases where the information concerns only one and that has been asked to stay between you.

Wants to be your priority, in any case

It is very important to have love, respect, quality time, and good sex communication, but it is not possible to be constantly available to our partner. The priority is ourselves and then everyone else. When someone demands your devotion, he manipulates you and does not respect, in any case, your own needs.

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