Why is your toilet running?

We understand how annoying is your running toilet for many reasons, says Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. The first and foremost is the annoying sound we’ve all heard and that can keep you awake all night. The second is of course related to the additional costs that arise, without expecting it. Such a damage implies higher water consumption but also the need for plumbing.

Is your toilet running?

If you want to find the source of the problem yourself, before you call a plumber, follow these simple steps.

Carefully remove the lid of the toilet and place it securely. Next, pull out the toilet and try to identify the toilet fittings to find the problem. Do not hesitate to put your hand in the toilet, if necessary, because the water is clean.

The first thing you need to understand, before dealing with the reason your toilet is running, is how it works.

Learn how it works

First, when you open the lid, you will see inside a small ball, filled with air. The ball floats in the water which is accumulated in the toilet. This ball is connected to the mechanism by which the valve opens. When the toilet is full of water, the ball, after floating, is at a certain height, keeping the water release valve closed.

Very simply and following the laws of gravity, when you push the lever, that is, you pull the toilet, the chain that exists inside the toilet, pulls and opens the valve. This releases the accumulated water through a hole and a pipe and is driven by pressure into the basin. Then, two things happen at the same time. Water escapes from the release valve while water enters the toilet from the inlet valve. Keep in mind that the toilet empties much faster than it fills.

Therefore, there is a point at which it is completely empty, at which point the ball reaches the threshold. Then, through the open inlet valve, the refill hose refills the overflow hose with water. Your toilet will fill with water again until the floating ball closes the valve again. You have learned the basics of how it works. Let’s see why your toilet can run.

But why is the toilet running?

The most common reason your toilet can run is related to the chain. Chain length may be the source of your problem. If the chain is short, it may prevent the proper release of the release valve on the hole from which water exits the basin. Thus, the water will constantly flow to the basin. On the other hand, if the chain is too long, it can get entangled and thus prevent the proper operation of the toilet again.

A ball, such as the one described above, that has not been installed correctly or has been damaged can also be the cause of your toilet running, allowing water to flow continuously from the overflow pipe and end up in the pipe.

The problem may even be in the water release valve itself. This is because over time, the valve loses its elasticity. This can stop its smooth operation. If, therefore, it does not adequately cover the release passage, water will continue to flow to the basin.

Plumbing installation in a bathroom

It is one of the most important bathroom renovation works and is carried out at the beginning, after it is undertaken by an experienced plumber, so that it is certain that the necessary inspection has been done and no further plumbing work will be needed in the future.

The water that is channeled to the plumbing installation of the bathroom, is used both by the electrical appliances of the bathroom (washing machine) and by the sanitary ware installed by the plumber.

The water supply and sewerage pipes in the bathroom plumbing system are very important to be made of quality materials that do not wear out over time and in case of damage, are not affected by each other. Because the issue of plumbing requires a lot of expertise, the best thing to do, whether you are in the process of renovating a bathroom or doing new construction, is to consult experienced plumbers.

Sewer blockages

Clogged washbasins and clogged bathroom drains are the main indications that your sewer is clogged and needs immediate clogging and cleaning. Fats, hairs and food debris are the main culprits for this problem.

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